Amazon workers in Staten Island form first union in the US

Amazon has always been against unionisation, ever since it was launched in 1994


Amazon’s workers in Staten Island, New York, have managed to get together and form the first ever Amazon union in the US till date. A majority, that is about 55 per cent of the workers voted in favour of forming a union.

Ever since the retail giant came into existence in 1994, none of its employees across the US have been able to unionise.

The Company, which has always been against unionisation is not happy at all, as it believes that it is in the best interest of the employees to maintain a direct relationship with the management. Therefore, the Company is reportedly expressing its objection to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) trying to unnecessarily influence its workers.

Amazon believes that unionisation impedes innovation at the warehouses and comes in the way of direct communication between the management and the workforce.

Fortunately for the Company, the recession and resultant joblessness had kept union activities in check for a while.

Of late, however, the retailer has been criticised for the way it uses various mechanisms and surveillance to discourage workers from unionising. Many employees have been threatened with termination and even fired for leading unionisation drives or indulging in related activities.

With this victory at Staten Island, it is hoped that other workers across the country will be further inspired to make their voices heard. The US president himself has said that it is the right of every worker in the country, irrespective of the state they belong to, to enjoy the freedom to be part of a union and bargain for better compensation, better working conditions and a better standard of living.

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