American company to offer 2 houses to its employees as incentive

Mechanical One, a Florida-based air conditioning and plumbing provider, announced this new incentive for its employees


Florida-based air conditioning and plumbing firm, Mechanical One, has taken employee incentivisation to another level. Instead of giving cars or vacations as incentives, the Company has decided to offer drawing for two new and mortgage-free homes for its employees.

Jason James, CEO of the Company, made the announcement of the draw on December 4 during an employee meeting. It will take place some time in December 2021.

James told local newspapers that the move is part of his endeavour to reinvent employee appreciation. The two houses that are up for grabs are three-bed, two-bath houses that would cost the company $500,000. He realised that even though his employees were able to enjoy vacations and drive their own cars, most of them lived out of rented homes. Therefore, he thought that there would be no greater incentive than giving them a chance to own a home.

There is a condition. Employees would be eligible for the drawing if they continue to work for the Company for a year and also take financial literacy classes, paid for by the Company. They will also have to participate in 20 hours of community service for a non-profit of their choice.

The CEO said that the financial education would ultimately help them figure out a way to own a home and thus provide a positive impact on the community as a whole.

James established Mechanical One only in July of 2021, after working with multiple heating and plumbing businesses. The organisation’s workforce has grown to about 100 till now. Hence, as of now, none of the employees of the Company are eligible for the draw. The Company’s employees are reportedly looking forward to the draw.

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