Apple employees unwilling to return to office, prefer to quit

The tech major’s plan to implement the hybrid model of work starting 11 April, has not gone down well with the employees


Starting 11 April, 2022, Apple was looking forward to implementing the hybrid model. However, Apple employees seem rather unwilling, with some of them even threatening to leave.

The tech major had worked out a plan to make the transition from remote work to in-office work easier for its workforce. To begin with, right now, it was hoping to see its employees coming in to work once a week, starting next week. It had planned for its employees to come in to office twice a week with effect from 2 May and then thrice a week by 23 May, 2022. However, employees are not willing to do even that.

Having got used to working remotely, a significant number of employees appears to be averse to the idea of commuting to office now. Many are considering quitting and looking for remote work opportunities elsewhere, going by their social-media posts.

This is rather unexpected and contrary to what Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, had expected when he had announced the hybrid plan, presuming that employees would be looking forward to getting back to the physical workspace and interacting more closely with their colleagues.

Several surveys and studies have shown that by and large, workers are open to the hybrid model of work, but most prefer working remotely. In fact, 100 per cent work-from-home appears to be the second most popular mode of work. Full time in-person work seems least popular.

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