Apple fires #AppleToo movement leader

The programme manager was terminated for non-compliance


A programme manager at Apple, who is also a leader of the #AppleToo movement, was fired by the Company for what Apple called ‘non-compliance’.

Janneke Parrish was accused of deleting files from her official devices amidst an internal enquiry into worker organisation and leakages. Amongst the files she deleted were various apps such as Pokemon GO, Google Drive and Robinhood.

However, the employees feel Parrish’s termination is the Company’s way of retaliation, given that she was actively involved in the #AppleToo movement. Quite recently, another employee was fired for having leaked some official information that was supposed to have been confidential.

Following her termination, an official memo had been sent to the employees by the CEO that clearly stated that employees who leaked confidential information are not part of the Company and that those involved in such activities would be caught soon and be subjected to strict action. The said employee, Ashley Gjovik, had then revealed how employees were inappropriately treated and discriminated against at the Company.

Parrish and another colleague, Cher Scarlett, a software engineer, had begun to reveal and share stories pertaining to discrimination and harassment at Apple. They were actively using the #AppleToo website to encourage employees to share their experiences, which they were then sharing on other media.

Scarlett, who was speaking in favour of remote work and transparency of pay, has gone on medical leave, as she was reportedly harassed for her activities and for speaking up.

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