Apple gives bonuses upto $180,000 to retain top talent

It has been reported that to retain its top talent from Meta, Apple has taken this pre-emptive measure


In a bid to retain top talent, especially software engineers, Apple has extended retention bonuses to certain top performers in its workforce. The bonus ranges between $50,000 to $180,000!

As per media reports, Meta, formerly Facebook, is trying to poach some of Apple’s top talent, and in order to retain them, Apple is offering such an attractive bonus.

These bonuses were a surprise to the said employees, who were not aware of the move. Software engineers and some other tech professionals have received about $80,000, $100,000 and $120,000 in stock options.

Apple has reportedly doled out these bonuses as a pre-emptive measure as it is aware that Meta is in need of new employees to build the metaverse product.

In the past also, Facebook has poached employees from Apple from their augmented reality, artificial intelligence, software and hardware-engineering divisions. It is reported that Apple is also in an ongoing process to build a product for metaverse. Apparently, Apple has hired or poached Oculus PR chief from Meta where he headed the research team division for augmented reality and XR. This was done because Apple is looking to launch its own AR headset in 2022. Therefore, poaching employees from one another seems to be a common practice in both the companies.

Meanwhile, Meta is said to have increased the salaries of its employees after the whistleblower controversy this year, and of course to retain its top talent in the company.

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