Apple shuts 8 retail stores in the US and Canada as omicron cases surge

The Company is maintaining social distancing at the stores as part of precautionary measures


Technology giant, Apple, has decided to shut eight stores in the US and Canada with the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases amongst employees. As per the precautionary measures taken by the firm, it was decided if 10 per cent of the employees at the store were COVID positive, the Company would shut the store.

The stores that have been shut include, Dadeland in Miami, The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach, Lenox Square in Atlanta, Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Highland Village in Houston, Summit Mall in Ohio, Pheasant Lane in New Hampshire and Sainte-Catherine in Montreal.

Earlier this month, stores in cities such as Hawaii, Maryland, Ohio, Ottawa (Canada) and Texas were asked to shut down, but they have now re-open. Later, a store in Miami was also shut and continues to be so. As a policy, the Company does not re-open the store until all the employees test negative for COVID-19. Regular tests take place for employees at the retail store, as Apple is really concerned about the well-being of its employees and customers.

Since many people are unable to visit the stores, the Company is giving incentives such as free online delivery on eligible products.

To maintain social distancing, all employees and customers are required to wear face masks inside the retail store and the Company has introduced plexiglass dividers at all the stores. Also, at the corporate offices, the Company has delayed the return-to-office plan, which was scheduled to take place starting February 2022.

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