Apple to test unvaccinated staff each time they enter office

This new policy will be applicable to all Apple staff members who fail to report their vaccination status to the company by October 24


Tech giant Apple has announced that from October 24, it will require its unvaccinated corporate employees to get tested for COVID-19 every time they enter office premises.

The new policy will be applicable to all Apple employees who decline to report their vaccination status to the Company.

Apple has also mandated rapid tests once a week for their vaccinated employees as well. However, employees of the Company’s retail stores will be tested for the virus twice a week, as reported by Bloomberg.

The employees of Apple will be provided with rapid testing kits so that they can take a test all on their own. The results will have to be self-reported by the employees via the internal app.

All employees have been asked to report their vaccination status by October 24. In the coming days, they will have to show proof of their vaccination.

The updated policy will be floated by November 1 and Apple has informed its employees of the same via an internal e-mail earlier. The Company hopes to open its offices to staff for at least three days, starting January 2022. However, it has said that it will announce ‘return to office’ for employees a month prior to actually implementing the decision.

The Company has been urging its workforce to get inoculated and had ramped up the optional testing programme.

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