Are British pilots being hired to train Chinese military?

Former and serving British pilots are reportedly being warned by the UK government against training People’s Liberation Army members


China’s People’s Liberation Army is hiring former British military pilots and offering them a handsome remuneration to train their teams.

It is reported that about 30 ex-pilots from Britain are already in China to take on this task.

While there is no law in Britain presently that stops this from happening, British ministers are considering taking some measures to prevent these Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots from going abroad to train Chinese military.

As an immediate measure, however, Britain is issuing a threat alert to caution serving and former pilots from getting enticed by the Chinese military and falling for the handsome packages being offered. The Ministry of Defence is worried about British intelligence being compromised and the tactics of the British air force being leaked because of such recruitments.

As per The Guardian, the British government is thinking of bringing in a law that will issue a single warning to former / retired as well as serving pilots of the Country’s RAF before prosecuting them. After the warning, if they do not comply and go on to train Chinese army personnel, their act will be considered an offence and invite strict action.

Meanwhile, the Government is also looking at assessing the employment contracts of serving and former military personnel to examine the clauses pertaining to confidentiality.

China is reportedly working towards modernising its armed forces and is interested in hiring helicopter personnel as well as those with knowledge of fast-jet techniques.

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