Boeing to outsource jobs to TCS

The finance and accounting divisions of Boeing will witness about 150 job cuts


In a virtual meeting, Boeing has conveyed to its non-unionised corporate employees that it is all set to outsource its finance and accounting jobs to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) of India.

Employees will begin to be laid off soon.

Even as the Company struggles amidst a tight labour market to find quality mechanics to build planes and engineers for its designing team, it has indicated that about 150 jobs will be cut right now, and more will be laid off in the times to come, across the US.

The exiting employees will train the TCS personnel before they leave so that the handover is smooth.

The layoff process will be spread over months and is aimed at improving efficiency and simplifying processes with a leaner team. The streamlinging process and its effects will be assessed as it progresses.

The finance employees have been shifted to new divisions / units with new managers, as per media reports.

The Company claims to be keeping its employees informed of every action in an attempt to maintain transparency; that it had indicated to its employees that staff levels will be lowered.

Boeing had already started outsourcing some of its IT work, especially the work that wasn’t primary to its business, to other companies to reduce costs. Last year, some of Boeing’s IT work was outsourced to Dell, which had led to hundreds of jobs being cut.

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