Citigroup staff low on attendance may lose jobs, bonuses

The financial services firm is monitoring attendance amidst hybrid working in the UK, and those found to be consistently irregular may lose their bonuses or even be terminated


Citigroup’s employees in the UK have been informed that their attendance will be closely monitored. Employees who are irregular in terms of physical presence in the office, while following the hybrid model of work, will be especially watched. Those who are found to be consistently irregular will risk losing their bonuses or even their jobs!

In June 2023, the financial services company had made it mandatory for its employees to work at least three days a week in the office as part of its hybrid working arrangement. Staff had been informed that measures will be taken if adherence to this requirement was not fulfilled. It had also warned that employees would face disciplinary action for non-compliance.

The firm allows employees the flexibility to work remotely for up to two days a week. However, it also emphasises maintaining a physical presence in the office and recognises the benefits of in-person interactions, team spirit, and the exchange of ideas when employees work physically in the office.

It is now all set to take measures against employees who fail to fulfil the minimum office attendance criterion.

Only those employees who are travelling on business, or are availing their yearly leave, or are on sick leave, or are unable to attend work due to medical reasons, or are following special flexible work arrangements will be excused.

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