‘Comply with 3-days-in office or be fired’: Amazon to staff

Managers have templates ready on email to take strict action and even terminate employees if they do not turn up for work thrice a week


Amazon is taking its three-days-in-office work mandate very seriously and clearly wants its employees to do so too. The company appears to be willing to fire employees who fail to report for in-office work thrice a week.

As per an Insider report, managers have been told to personally discuss the matter with employees who are violating the three-days-in-office mandate and document that conversation in a mail. If such employees continue to violate the work policy, the managers have been told to meet these employees again, and take disciplinary action if required. The action may also mean terminating such employees.

It hasn’t been long since Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon indicated that staff members who failed to comply with the in-office work policy would have to face the consequences; that Amazon may not be able to tolerate them.

Now reports reveal that guidelines have been drawn for managers to follow in case employees violate the policy. They have also been given the points to cover while discussing the issue with the employees personally. In fact, the managers reportedly keep templates ready to issue a warning letter by mail to the employees who fail to follow the three-day work-from-office policy even after the personal meeting. The mail clearly states that the employee would be given two weeks to start following the mandate or be prepared for action, including termination of job contract.

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