Does Amazon want staff to return to office & relocate too?

Close on the heels of the ‘thrice a week in office’ mandate, some employees at Amazon are being asked to relocate too so that they can fulfil the mandate


Some remote workers at Amazon will need to relocate as they are to embrace the ‘three days a week in office’ work policy. As per the new policy, some members of the workforce who have been working remotely or from anywhere ever since the pandemic, will now be required to report to their hub offices in various locations, including the headquarters in San Francisco, New York and Seattle thrice a week.

Exactly where the employees may have to relocate will vary from department to department. There is no official information as to the number of employees who will be required to relocate.

Early this year, Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon, had emphasised the need for in-office working to promote collaboration and more meaningful interaction. However, not all members of the workforce welcomed the mandate. Also, it came not long after Amazon had laid off thousands of workers, globally, which only added to the woes of the already disappointed and disgruntled workers.

About two months ago, employees had walked out to express their disapproval of the ‘return-to-office’ mandate. Many employees who had shifted base during the pandemic or had become comfortable with the remote-working model are now being forced to relocate. The fact that only some employees are being asked to relocate and the decision varies from one department to another is only adding to the anxiety of the employees who were already uncertain about their futures post the mass layoffs.

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