‘Don’t talk about abortion’: Meta to staff

While some Meta employees are fine with the move, others are protesting


Employees at Meta have been ordered to avoid discussing ‘abortion’ on Workplace, which is Facebook’s internal version.

The tech company, which was formerly known as Facebook, feels that discussions pertaining to abortion tend to lead to hostility at the workplace, and that it would cause employees to feel like targets basis religion or gender.

About three years ago, the Respectful Communication Policy was put in place preventing debates or discussions on the correctness or otherwise of abortion and other such sensitive issues.

While many employees are in support of this ban, others are upset their posts have been removed from Workplace and that their freedom of expression is being infringed on.

Quite a few employees have been seeking the abolishment of the policy since it contradicts the open discussion of other serious and sensitive issues or topics including immigration, climate change, racism, right to possess guns and trans rights.

Of late, more and more companies in the US have offered to cover the travel expenses of their employees who wish to travel to some other state to get an abortion.

With over 50 per cent of its workforce comprising women, Levi Strauss & Co. was amongst the first few companies to offer to reimburse travel expenses of its employees in case they wished to seek treatments or healthcare outside their state, including abortions.

Apple has also offered to reimburse the medical expenses of its employees in case they have to travel outside Texas. Drivers employed with Uber and Lyft have been assured by their employers that their legal fees will be covered in case they get into trouble due to the abortion bill of Oklahoma state.

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