Elon Musk slashes several employee benefits at Twitter

This is part of the measures being taken to increase profits at the social-media company


After the massive layoffs, the majority of the benefits that Twitter used to give its employees have apparently been reduced by Elon Musk.

These benefits include many that are offered by IT businesses around the world, including wellness events that promote employee productivity and well-being, and free home-internet service. These were implemented in the midst of the pandemic to help Twitter employees perform their duties conveniently and smoothly.

Furthermore, this new rule also eliminates one of their largest benefits, which includes training and development, finishing school, day-care facilities for staff members’ children, as well as quarterly team outings.

While it seems sensible to cut home-internet services since Elon Musk does not encourage work-from-home at all, people are wondering why expenditure on training and development has been reduced.

Although the reason behind the decision to scale back these benefits remains a mystery, it has most likely be done to cut costs and increase profits. Also, the Company is expected to restore all the allowances once its financial condition and performance improves.

Recently, Musk laid off almost 60 per cent of the Twitter workforce post acquisition of the social-media company. Soon after, he announced that the layoffs at Twitter have been completed, and that he is now looking for fresh talent, especially people with software-writing skills.

However, with such reduced benefits, it seems like Musk is determined to make the work environment really ‘hard core’ and challenging for the existing workforce.

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