Employment opportunities rise in the US

Hiring in the country has been on the rise


Job openings, which reflect the demand for labour, went up to over 10 million. Economists had predicted that employment opportunities would increase with over nine million jobs likely to be on offer in June. And as was predicted, job openings rate went up from 6.1 to 6.5 per cent.

The hospitality and leisure space is still facing a dearth of labour. With unemployment benefits and issues pertaining to childcare, many jobless have been unable to step out and become active participants in the workforce.

In July, it is reported that maximum hiring took place in the US. In June, the maximum hiring happened in the retail space, with over 2,91,000 vacancies being filled. This was followed by 94,000 jobs in state and local government education.

However, with the Delta variant spreading fast, some of the jobless may prefer to continue staying at home and making do with the unemployment benefits.

It is reported that about 3.9 million people quit the workforce voluntarily in June, which is more than the 3.6 million who quit in May. The rate of people quitting is a sign of confidence in the job market. This also means that workers have more employment options. The rate of layoffs and discharges remained the same.

Over 1.6 million job openings are on offer in the leisure and hospitality space, whereas the health care and social assistance sector has about 1.5 million openings.


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