Evergreen Marine staff to get bumper bonus — 5 years’ salary

The Taiwanese shipping company has earned massive profits, which it will share with its employees in the form of a generous bonus


With at least 10 months’ salary to be granted as bonus for good performance, combined with a 50-month bonus that was announced in December last year, it is a windfall for the staff of Evergreen Marine. That means, the 3,100 employees of the Taiwanese shipping company will receive five years’ salary in the form of bonus alone. However, this bonus will be given basis the performance of each individual.

The Company managed to earn profits of $10.9 billion for FY 2022, which is a 39.82 per cent hike in profit, as per media reports. According to its financial report, the shipping firm’s consolidated revenue for 2022 touched $20.5 billion, up 28 per cent from last year.

Evergreen has revealed that it has set aside a budget of about $62 million to pay bonuses equivalent to at least 10 months’ salary for its employees.

On an average, the staff members at Evergreen earn about $1,900 per month.

In 2021 too the Company had announced a generous bonus for its employees, equivalent to about 40 months’ pay. That was when the container shipping industry was doing extremely well amidst the pandemic.

Earlier this month, the Company, which has three offices in India, placed an order for over 12,000 containers for about $34.3 million.

However, analysts do feel that the boom for the container shipping businesses may not really last long.

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