Fired Googler to launch own venture within notice period

Henry Kirk is getting together with six former colleagues to start a new company


At least one Googler has not allowed the recent layoff at Google affect him. In fact, he has used the opportunity to launch his own venture say media reports.

Henry Kirk, a manager at Google who was amongst the 12,000 recently laid off by the tech major, has got together with six of his colleagues who suffered the same fate, to launch a new company.

Kirk is determined to launch it even before his notice period of 60 days ends in March 2023.

It all began as a group chat post the layoff, with the aim of lending emotional support to each other during a tough time. Although the news of the layoff did manage to rattle Kirk for a little while, he quickly realised that he couldn’t let the layoff affect him since he still had a life to lead and a family to look after. That is when he decided it was time to start his own venture.

Kirk hopes to establish a design and development studio in six weeks, in New York and San Francisco.

Insider reports that the venture will offer design and research tools for the apps and websites of various organisations. It will help startups acquire funds and grow, and also provide engineering projects for businesses that lack adequate experience.

Considering his tenure at Google as an educational and learning period, he hopes to create the same positivity in the new company, based on his own experience as a Googler.

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