Former Indian employee of Apple alleges discrimination

The Indian technical engineer, Anita Nariani Schulz, had joined Apple in 2008 and had no option but to quit when the Company retaliated post her complaints of discrimination


A former Indian employee of Apple has accused the Company of discrimination and taken it to court. Anita Nariani Schulze, who was working as a technical engineer at Apple, has alleged that her senior manager, who was an Indian Hindu and her direct manager who was a Muslim from Pakistan, did not treat her as well as they did her male colleagues and harboured cultural prejudices against her. She has alleged discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, origin of birth and race.

Apple had approached the court with a plea to reject the case, saying that her accusations are based on stereotypes and not specific enough, but the US court dismissed the request, and asked Schulze to submit proofs to support her legal claims.

Schulze has accused her managers of excluding her from meetings, failing to recognise her work, ignoring her significant contributions to the team, despite her performance reviews being positive. She has complained that if team projects were delayed, her managers held her responsible.

She has alleged that her managers believed that her children prevented her from being involved in her official work. However, when she took her grievances to the human resources department, the organisation retaliated in 2018, by not giving her the compensation promised and showing her as a poor worker in her performance reviews. Schulze maintains that the retaliation made it impossible for her to continue working at Apple, and she was forced to quit a year later, in 2019.

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