Fresh round of layoffs at Salesforce; plans to cut more jobs this year

In early 2023, Salesforce cut 10% of its global workforce, around 7,000 employees, via a two-hour video call. Now, more job cuts are affecting the sales and customer success teams


According to a report from Bloomberg, Salesforce employees based in Ireland were recently informed of their dismissal. A spokesperson stated that these layoffs were part of the company’s efforts to ensure optimal resource allocation, and they clarified that this round of job cuts is distinct from the ones announced in January. As of now, about 50 employees have been affected.

 Furthermore the company has plans to eliminate around 8,000 positions by the end of fiscal year 2024, as per Bloomberg reports. However, the spokesperson declined to comment on the possibility of further layoffs in other countries or divisions in the future.

During the start of 2023, Salesforce disclosed its intention to dismiss 10 percent of its global workforce, resulting in around 7,000 people losing their jobs across the world. The process of carrying out these layoffs, which occurred through a two-hour video call, received extensive media coverage. Unfortunately, Salesforce employees are facing another round of job cuts, this time affecting individuals in the sales and customer success departments.

In a letter, Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce, announced the initial phase of job cuts for its employees. The letter cited challenging economic conditions and a more cautious approach by customers in their purchasing decisions as the reasons behind the decision. Benioff emphasised that for those impacted by the layoffs, the company’s priority is to provide comprehensive support, which includes a generous severance package. 

Impacted employees of the US, will receive five months’ pay, along with health insurance, career assistance, and other benefits to aid in their transition. Employees outside the U.S. will also receive similar support, with the company’s processes aligning with the employment laws in each respective country.


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