Germany to make vaccination compulsory for medical, healthcare professionals

Those working in hospitals, clinics will have to be inoculated and present proof of the same


Germany is planning to make vaccinations compulsory beginning March 2022.

As reported by Reuters, people working in the medical and healthcare field will have to present proof of vaccination by mid-March 2022.

Before Christmas, Germany aims to inoculate or give booster jabs to 30 million people. To make this happen, it is allowing even pharmacists, dentists and vets to administer the jab for a certain time period, provided they are adequately trained.

The Country’s federal states would be allowed to take drastic measures if required.

Leaders of the Country have plans to prevent unvaccinated citizens from entering bars, food outlets and theatres and all non-essential businesses. It is hoped that the move will encourage more people to get the jab as soon as possible.

Over the last month or so, Germany has reported a huge number of COVID-19 cases, second only to the US. Data reveals that Germany had over 1.3 million positive cases in the last four weeks and over 6,000 COVID deaths.

On December 2, more than 73,000 new cases of the coronavirus were reported across the country. That means about 439 per one lakh people were infected.

Meanwhile, in the US, most employers already have or will require their employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. However, a survey shows that almost one in three employers planning on vaccination mandates are worried that the new vaccination rules may result in more employees resigning.

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