‘Get vaccinated by Dec. 8’: IBM tells US staff

Those who fail to get the jabs by the said deadline will be suspended without pay


The employees of IBM in the US have been directed to get themselves fully vaccinated by December 8. If they fail to do so, they will be suspended without pay. Beyond December 8, the employees will not be paid unless and until they complete their vaccination and produce proof of the same.

IBM staff have been told that it is imperative to adhere to the vaccine mandate, more so because the vaccine is now easily available and because most customers and partners also demand the same.

However, those who fail to get the jabs can still avail of IBM’s 401K matching programme, wherein the Company matches contributions up to six per cent once a year, in December.

Unlike some companies, such as United Airlines, IBM’s vaccination policy stops short of firing unvaccinated employees. But those who decline to be vaccinated will not be paid after Dec. 8 until they complete their vaccinations.

The new mandate from IBM is applicable to each and every employee, irrespective of their location and whether they are working from home or from office. While the Company did say it will give exemptions on medical and religious grounds, these will be limited.

The Company, which has a global workforce of over 3.5 lakh employees, has always maintained that its safety and health policies and practices are founded on science.

Red Hat, subsidiary of IBM, has also announced a similar mandate, requiring all associates and contractors in the US to be fully vaccinated.

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