Google expects staff to work harder

The CEO of Google has indicated that productivity is below expectation and is causing worry


With fears of recession and revenue growth slowing down, Google expects its employees to work harder and be more productive.

While several organisations have resorted to layoffs and hiring freezes, Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, has indicated that the productivity of the tech major’s workforce is below expectations and rather worrisome.

Pichai conveyed to the employees that the fact that productivity is way lower than it should be is a cause for concern, considering the size of the workforce.

He revealed that the Company has been unable to achieve the set targets despite such a large team. He urged employees to actively work towards a culture that is more focussed on the mission of the Company as well as on its products and customers.

He said it was high time employees kept distractions at bay and aimed for higher productivity and product excellence.

Earlier in July, Pichai had sent an internal mail informing staff about the plan to slow down hiring for the remaining part of the year. In the memo, Pichai had stated that it was time for Google to become more entrepreneurial and focus on results. Soon after, a two-week hiring pause was implemented.

As part of building a more entrepreneurial culture, Google has urged employees to be more forthcoming with their feedback and new ideas, as reported by CNBC.

The employees have been asked to suggest ways to enhance productivity and make the organisation and its processes more efficient.

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