Google rolls back its COVID vaccine policy

The company has said it will adhere to all local regulations and maintain its cleaning and ventilation standards to ensure the safety of its employees.


Google has announced that it will no longer enforce its mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy for employees worldwide. The policy was initially implemented in December 2021, but faced backlash from workers who did not wish to be vaccinated. Following the signing of legislation by US President Joe Biden seeking to end the national emergency response to the pandemic, Google has lifted the policy, stating that most people today have some level of immunity against COVID-19. However, the company still encourages employees to stay up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines and get a flu shot annually, and to stay home if displaying COVID-19-like symptoms.

As part of cost-saving measures, Google has also decided to cut back on certain employee perks, such as free massages, laundry services, and meals. It is now reserving MacBooks for engineers and providing non-engineering staff with Chromebooks instead. According to the company, utilising Chromebooks will offer staff a hands-on understanding of their own products. Google has declined to comment on whether these changes will apply to its India offices, where COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

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