Google’s contract workers fight against bonus cut

These temps demanded that the $200 weekly bonus, that was promised to them but not paid last month, be resumed, and they managed to get what they wanted


About 250 contractual workers working for Google’s data centre raised their voices against a bonus cut. These temps were promised a weekly bonus of $200 in August for every full week they put in till the end of 2021.

However, they stopped receiving this bonus in October even though their attendance requirement (40 hours of work) had been met. They were informed that this bonus programme had been put on hold, as it had apparently resulted in a red flag being raised for the management, reported the New York Times.

Not willing to take this lightly, the workers, who had been employed through the staffing agency called Modis, decided to fight back. They reportedly sent hundreds of messages to the management expressing their disappointment at the bonus cut. About 130 temps even planned a video call to discuss the action to be taken in the matter. Some were prepared to write to the management formally and even stay away from work to get their demands met. Such a scenario is not common in the tech space.

However, fortunately for the temps, the management came around even before the video call could take place. They were informed by Modis that their bonus would be resumed the following week and that they would also receive back pay. The bonus programme will continue till December 19.

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