Has Apple violated US Labour Laws?

Investigations have revealed that Apple doesn’t encourage its employees to discuss working conditions


A US labour agency’s investigations have revealed that the workplace policies at Apple do not encourage employees to discuss their working conditions.

The National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) is looking into complaints filed by employees and unions who claim that the tech major tried to hinder employees organising, except if it was a case where the Company itself was settling first.

The investigations that have been on for about a year and a half have thrown up evidence that Apple has tried to suppress labour organising. There have also been cases of workplace harassment. It has been found that senior executives have violated the National Labour Relations Act. While officials have in the past indicated that the Company is intolerant towards employees who let out confidential information. Some employees have protested saying they were entitled to discuss protected issues openly, but Apple stopped them from doing so. This includes subjects such as workplace harassment and pay transparency.

The complaints first came to light in 2021. At the time, Apple had maintained that it is committed to establishing an inclusive workplace full of positivity; that it takes complaints seriously and conducts investigations when matters are raised. It maintained that it refrained from discussing employees’ issues and concerns as it respected their privacy.

Later, the Company had admitted that it may not have handled some cases the way they should have been. However, it had also said that it would alter its training and processes to improve in the areas where it had been found to be lacking.

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