Has Taliban banned Afghan women from working for the UN?

The United Nations has asked its women employees in Afghanistan to not report for duty for 48 hours fearing for their safety


The United Nations (UN) has asked the women in its workforce in Afghanistan to stay home for 48 hours for their own safety and security. A UN briefing that was to take place was also called off on 4 April 2023.

This order follows the ban that has been reportedly imposed on women working for the international body. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is worried about women employees being stopped from working in the eastern province of Nangarhar on 4 April, 2023.

According to UNAMA, it would be difficult to function without the women in its workforce needless to say that their valuable support in saving lives is indispensable. It has been trying to obtain more information from the Taliban administration, which has of late shut down many girls’ schools and even prohibited women from the university.

With women members of staff at most NGOs being prevented from working, it has become difficult for such organisations to reach out to the women who need their help. In the absence of women staff members, it is difficult for these NGOs to gain access to the women in the community, who should actually benefit from their services and assistance. This, in turn, discourages financial assistance and donations from various donors and funding organisations.

It was in December last year that most women employees were barred by the Taliban from reporting for work at NGOs. However, at the time, these restrictions were not applicable to certain global organisations, including the UN.

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