Influx of 5,00,000 workers will not decrease local job opps: Malaysia HR minister

Malaysia is sourcing 500,000 foreign workers across Asian countries for various industries including plantations, agriculture and construction.


Sivakumar, Malaysia’s Human Resources minister, has reassured the public that the entry of 500,000 foreign workers into the country will not negatively impact local job opportunities. He stated that the workers will be sourced from 15 different countries in Asia and will be employed in industries such as plantations, agriculture, and construction, which are typically not attractive to local employees.

The Minister explained at a lantern-lighting ceremony in Pusing on January 15, 2023, “We find it difficult to get local workers to work in these sectors. Our dependence on foreign workers in these sectors is very high; if we cannot provide a sufficient supply of workers, it will disrupt the optimal operation of the sectors and result in huge losses.”

The Member of Parliament for Batu Gajah stressed the urgency of addressing the labour shortage, as it could negatively impact the economy, particularly with the return of over 700,000 foreign workers to their home countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The minister stated that the Human Resources Ministry and the Home Affairs Ministry have agreed to streamline and accelerate the hiring process of foreign workers, which now only takes three days.

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