Microsoft offices to open on February 28

Employees of the offices in Washington state, Bay Area sites in California, and Silicon Valley campus have been told to begin preparing for the final stage of the hybrid model


Considering the availability and accessibility of vaccines, increasing rate of vaccination and the improving conditions in terms of the COVID situation, Microsoft has decided to open its offices in Washington, Bay Area and Silicon Valley, starting 28 February, 20220.

As per the official blog of Microsoft, starting 28 February, employees in Washington state “will have 30 days to make adjustments to their routines and adopt the working preferences they’ve agreed upon with their managers”.

Microsoft’s hybrid model will witness flexibility for most roles and allow employees a chance to adopt a schedule that suits them the best, in consultation with their managers and teams.

This is the sixth stage of the hybrid model the Company has been following over the last two years.

Now, Microsoft feels it is ready to allow employees as well as visitors to its facilities. All campus services will be restored, including the ride-share facility.

The decision is also based on the fact that over 83.8 per cent of eligible King County residents, where the majority of the Microsoft workforce of Washington office resides, are fully vaccinated. At least 91.6 per cent have received at least one dose. It has also been observed that COVID-related deaths and hospitalisations have reduced considerably.

The firm has ensured that “established local testing solutions are in place” and all government-issued protocols and guidelines are strictly adhered to.

It is expected that other Microsoft offices across the US will also open up, depending on local situations and laws.

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