Microsoft slows down hiring

The Company has slowed down its hiring process for certain divisions


Microsoft will be slowing down its hiring at the Company for its Windows, Office and Teams software groups. The Company has clarified that this hiring slowdown is not a company-wide phenomena but is for only the mentioned above teams. As per the company, Microsoft is moving into a new fiscal year and wants to make sure that the right resources are aligned to the right opportunities at the company. The company further clarifies that it will keep adding more headcount in areas that will need more attention.

Furthermore, it seems as if Microsoft wants to cautiously hire employees as they have also shared with the media that all new hires in the three divisions will be approved by Rajesh Jha, executive vice president, Microsoft and its leadership team.

Microsoft is the latest tech giant to have announced a freeze in hiring. As per the software giant, in this current situation of economic volatility, such momentary pause in hiring is rather common in the industry.

Very recently, companies such as Uber, Meta, Twitter, Snap, Lyft, Salesforce and Coinbase have also announced momentary slowdown in hiring. Where large tech firms have witnessed a freeze in hiring process, there are some small startups that have been forced to lay off employees recently. Some of the startups that have seen layoffs globally are Carvana, Mural, Klarna and Cameo. Some India-based startups have also seen layoffs this year such as Vedantu, Ola, Lido, Cars24, and more.

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