Musk fires dozens of sales & engineering staff at Twitter 

According to sources, Musk set a one-week target for the Twitter ad targeting system. When the team failed to meet the deadline, the sales team was laid off.


Recent reports have stated that Twitter has undergone yet another round of layoffs. The CEO, Elon Musk, has reportedly let go of dozens of sales and engineering staff, despite promising employees that there would be no more layoffs.

The layoffs were first reported by The Information and The Verge, indicating that the sales team was laid off last week, while the engineering team has been facing layoffs since November 2022. The exact number of employees affected by the latest layoffs has not been disclosed.

Twitter layoffs began in October 2022, with more than 50 percent of employees being let go, starting with the C-Suite. The recent layoffs have caused concern among many employees and industry experts about the future of the platform and its workforce.

In January of this year, Twitter added around 800 employees to its sales and marketing team. Since Musk’s takeover of the platform, there have been a total of three rounds of layoffs. It is said that Musk is aiming to shift Twitter’s advertising strategy towards a more Google Search Ad model, which may be why the sales team were targeted in the latest round of layoffs.

According to sources, one employee reportedly shared that Musk had given the team a one-week deadline to improve Twitter’s ad targeting system. However, this was deemed unrealistic by many, as improving such a system requires more time and resources. Other reports suggest that Musk’s lack of experience in targeted advertising may have been a factor in the layoffs.

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