Netflix tells employees to quit if they dislike content on platform

The Company has introduced new cultural guidelines which suggest that if people are not aligned with the content it produces, then they should consider leaving


Netflix has told its employees that if they do not align with the content the Company produces, they can choose to quit the Company. Recently, Netflix introduced a new cultural guideline, called ‘artistic expression’ which details how the Company offers programmes for various audiences.

As per the new guidelines, Netflix has clarified that every title is different and that it supports the artistic expression of the creators whom it collaborates with. Netflix further mentions that it produces content and programmes for a diverse set of audiences. So, rather than having Netflix censor artists or voices, the Company wants the viewers to decide what is best for them.

As per the streaming giant, depending on their roles, the employees may have to work on different titles. If the employees think that the content Netflix is producing is harmful for people, then they should move from the Company. Further, the Company has clarified to the media that the new cultural guideline has been introduced so that prospective employees can understand the position of the Company and make a better and informed decision regarding whether Netflix is the right place for them.

Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla, has applauded this decision of Netflix, calling it “Good Move by Netflix” on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Netflix has spent 18 months talking to its employees about the new guidelines that have been introduced. This is the first time that the streaming giant has updated its guidelines in the last seven years.

It is speculated that this decision is in response to Dave Chappelle’s stand-up special, ‘The Closer’ which was criticised by Netflix employees for mocking the transgender community.

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