No fresh hiring at Amazon except for vacant & important posts

The Company intends to closely monitor the economic conditions for the next few months before lifting the freeze


Global technology company, Amazon has released an official memo informing that it will pause new incremental hires in its corporate workforce for the next few months. However, it has been clarified that meaningful hiring will continue only for posts rendered vacant due to resignations of employees, and also for important roles.

Amazon is imposing the hiring freeze taking into account the uncertainty and unusual macro-economic conditions.

Beth Galetti, senior vice president, people experience and technology, Amazon, wrote in her blog post, “We anticipate keeping this pause in place for the next few months, and will continue to monitor what we’re seeing in the economy and the business to adjust as we think makes sense. In general, depending on the business or area of the company, we will hire backfills to replace employees who move on to new opportunities, and there are some targeted places where we will continue to hire people incrementally.”

She also mentions that this wasn’t the first time that the Company has faced such uncertainty and challenging economies.

“While we have had several years where we’ve expanded our headcount broadly, there have also been several years where we’ve tightened our belt and were more streamlined in how many people we added,” she wrote.

She believes this pause in hiring will give each team an opportunity to further prioritise what matters most to customers and the business, and to be more productive.

She also mentions that Amazon is excited about the significant investments in the newer initiatives such as Prime Video, Alexa, Grocery, Kuiper, Zoox and Healthcare.

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