Pay raise for UK employees: Amazon 

The recent decision to raise the minimum starting pay for Amazon's UK employees is a response to a pay dispute that resulted in workers at an Amazon warehouse in Coventry, central England going on strike for several days earlier this year.


On March 22, 2023, Amazon announced an increase in the minimum starting pay for its UK employees to a range of 11 pounds to 12 pounds per hour. This decision comes in response to a dispute over pay that led to several days of strikes earlier this year by employees at an Amazon warehouse located in Coventry, central England.

Starting in April, Inc will be raising its minimum starting pay for employees in various locations, with the increased amount depending on the location. However, despite the company’s efforts, the move has been met with criticism from GMB, a union representing over 500 Amazon workers. 

Amanda Gearing, a senior organizer from the union, expressed disappointment with the new pay rate, stating that it was an insult to workers. In response, GMB plans to consult with workers over the next few days and announce a new wave of action. 

The Amazon workers at the Coventry warehouse were previously on strike, demanding a pay rate of 15 pounds an hour due to a cost-of-living crisis that has resulted in strikes across various sectors in Britain over the last few months.

Last year, Amazon increased its starting pay by 50 pence, bringing the minimum hourly wage to a range of 10.50 to 11.45 pounds. However, the UK’s National Living Wage, which does not apply to apprentices or workers under 23, is set to increase by 9.7 per cent starting in April, raising the minimum hourly wage to 10.42 pounds.

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