Penalty for employees testing positive a second time

The Emirate of Ajman has warned its government employees that they will receive no paid sick leave if they contract COVID a second time, and also face pay cut aa


With the number of infected people rising daily in the UAE, the Emirate of Ajman has warned its government employees that they will not be eligible for any paid leave if they happen to contract COVID a second time and require time off to quarantine themselves.

This is a way to ensure that government employees maintain COVID protocol and stay safe and protected and also ensure others’ safety.

A notification issued by the human resources department of the Emirate of Ajman lays down a whole list of what employees should and should not do to avoid getting their salaries deducted as penalty. The deductions range from a day’s pay to even ten days’ salary for those who are caught for non-compliance repeatedly.

Salary deductions may be imposed if the employees fail to mask up, or break rules and visit crowded areas, shake hands with people, or enter their place of work after having coming in contact with an infected person(s).

If employees fail to comply, their seniors or reporting managers will also bear the brunt. This is to ensure that employees are properly supervised.

Government employees who happen to have come into contact with an infected individual will have to isolate themselves for a week or work from home. If employees come into contact with an infected person a second time, they will have to avail their annual leave or take leave without pay to isolate themselves.

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