“Reckless layoff will intimidate staff, affect users”: Twitter employees to Musk

Media reports say that Musk plans to cut 75 per cent of workforce post acquisition of Twitter, if the deal is successfully completed


In an open letter, some employees at Twitter have communicated to Elson Musk that it will be very “reckless” of him to lay off 75 per cent of the workforce post taking over Twitter.

They go on to say in the letter that such a reckless act will adversely affect Twitter’s ability to functions and serve public conversations, and will also erode the trust that users and customers place in the social-media platform.

The letter calls Musk’s layoff plan a transparent manner of intimidating the workers and clearly states that it will be difficult for employees to work in an environment where they feel continuously threatened, insecure and harassed.

Media reports state if Musk carried out his layoff plans, over 5,000 employees at Twitter will lose their jobs post successful acquisition of the social-media platform by Musk.

The letter further states that the beliefs and principles of Musk and the Twitter workforce are way different. Musk had earlier clarified that he preferred everyone to return to office, while most Twitter employees prefer working remotely. They also seek a workplace free of any discrimination on the basis of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or political beliefs at the workplace.

From the existing and future leadership of the Company, the Twitter employees demand a fair severance package for exiting staff and retention of various employee benefits including the work-from-home arrangement.

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