Restaurant willing to pay $50,000 to dishwasher

The restaurant in Vancouver will pay $25 per hour amidst labour shortage


A restaurant in Vancouver is willing to pay $50,000 annually to a dishwasher. The job vacancy posted by Handi Grill says that it will pay $25 an hour for working 40 hours a week to a dishwasher working full time.

The applicants need not be educated and the restaurant is willing to train the interested candidates. This only proves the level of labour shortage being faced today. They also want to hire as soon as possible, but then not all owners of food outlets can afford to offer such competitive wages.

The minimum wage in British Columbia is $15.20.

With restrictions on food outlets to be lifted next week in British Columbia, restaurants are in a hurry to hire staff. However, the issue is that many workers have been looking at alternative jobs during the pandemic. Others have been busy upskilling themselves or have been trying out new options.

Quite a few are unwilling to return to work at the food outlets where they now see no potential for growth, in addition to the taxing schedule and poor wages. They seem to be able to survive comfortably on the government subsidies.

In the US too, there is an acute shortage of labour, especially in the hospitality sector. On the other hand, Amazon and Walmart have hiked their wages in a bid to attract and retain workers who will be required during the holiday season rush for shopping.


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