Rising COVID-19 cases at Google campuses post return to office

Employees are criticising the Company’s move to open campuses and call employees back


Google employees are frustrated with the rising cases of COVID-19 at Google campuses. Many employees of Google have anonymously spoken to global media sharing that since April, when the Company started its return-to-office exercise, when it required employees to at least come to the office thrice a, week the number of COVD-19 infections has been rising at Google.

The employees share that they have been getting notifications on mail frequently about newly detected positive cases at various campuses of the Company in the US.

It has been reported that the Google’s campus in Venice, California has recorded 145 cases of COVID-19, while 135 cases have been recorded in the Company’s Playa Vista campus. As per the public health dashboard in Los Angeles (LA), amongst private employers, Google’s COVID-19 outbreak is the largest in LA.

Sharing its comments on the matter, Google agrees that the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing across its campuses but the numbers reported in Venice and Playa Vista campuses reflect the total number of cases and not active cases.

In fact, many of the unvaccinated employees at Google have demanded that the Company allow them entry into the campus premises since the Company is seeing rising infections of COVID-19 at its campuses.

Global reports further say that Googlers are sharing various memes criticising the Company’s return-to-office on their internal communication channels.

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