Sacked employee sues Tesla for ‘unprofessionalism’

The employee was fired from the job last month by his manager over a phone call, and that too while he was on vacation.


A former Tesla employee, Roosevelt Jointer, from Reno, Nevada, has filed a case in a Texas court because the auto company sacked him without notice.

The court reportedly accepted his petition and included it as evidence in a motion against Tesla. The motion has been filed by two other former Tesla employees – John Lynch and Daxton Hartfield, who too had approached the court disapproving of the way in which the Company has recently laid off people without any warning or notice.

Jointer has apparently been with Tesla as a maintenance supervisor since September 2017 until June 2022, when he was fired.

He was on a vacation when his manager called him on 10 June, 2022, and sacked him with immediate effect. Not only was he not given any advance notice, but he wasn’t given any reason for the termination of service either. That came as a surprise because Jointer stated that there had never been any performance issues with him.

He was simply asked to sign a separation agreement on 11 June — which assured him a week’s severance and two months’ health insurance — which he did not sign.

Both Lynch and Hartfield have requested the court to stop Tesla from getting the laid-off employees to sign these separation agreements, as they feel it violates the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

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