Singapore govt doubles paid paternity leave to 4 weeks

Government employees will now be able to avail 12 days of unpaid infant care leave compared to the earlier 6


The Singapore government has decided to allow its employees to avail four weeks of paid paternity leave. This is double that of the two weeks that was allowed earlier. The revised policy will apply to fathers of Singaporean children born on or after 1 Jan 1, 2024.

This benefit was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong while revealing the budget.

Employers who voluntarily choose to grant the additional two weeks’ leave will be reimbursed for the same by the Government. This measure will help employers to adapt conveniently amidst the tough economic conditions and labour challenges of the present.

The Minister is reported to have expressed happiness at the growing trend of fathers getting involved in childcare. During his speech he mentioned how very few fathers availed paid paternity leave when the same was introduced about a decade ago; and how things have changed for the better with over 50 per cent of fathers availing the leave.

Studies have shown that involvement of fathers in infant and child care results in physically and mentally healthier children, with remarkable emotional development.

The Singapore government may further work on the leave and even make it compulsory over time.

In India government employees are entitled to 15 days of paternity leave.

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