Singapore to launch ONE pass from January 2023

This Overseas Networks & Expertise pass is a step towards making Singapore a global hub for talent


Come January 2023 and the ONE pass will come into effect in Singapore. An abbreviation for Overseas Networks & Expertise, ONE pass is a personalised work permit that is valid for five years and offers flexibility of employment.

Those keen to apply will have to earn a fixed monthly income of at least $30,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency) or produce that they will be earning the same amount under a future Singaporean employer.

Those with expertise in sports, science, arts and culture, technology, research and academia may also qualify even if they fail to fulfil this salary criterion.

People who possess this permit are allowed to work with more than one company simultaneously, or even start and operate their own ventures. Additionally, their spouses will be allowed to work on a Letter of Consent. The pass can be renewed for five years each time. There is no need to reapply for a new pass in case the person switches jobs.

The city-sate’s government appears to have decided to relax immigration policies for this new ONE pass, so that it is able to compete with countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, the UAE and the US in terms of being an attractive business hub.

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has made an official announcement about the ONE pass and calls it a move to make Singapore a strong hub for talent.

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