Smart WFM to expand in India & the US, create new global leadership team

The HCM consultancy will set up its subsidiaries in the US and India, and has elevated its lead HCM & behavioural technologist to the position of COO


Smart WFM, the human capital management (HCM) consultancy, is gearing up to expand globally and establish its Indian and US subsidiaries. Working on putting together a global leadership team, Smart WFM has already promoted Rob Scott, global lead human capital management and behavioural technologist, to the position of chief operating officer.

The UKG services partner is now on the lookout for someone to step into the shoes of Scott as global HCM lead. Meanwhile, Scott will now focus on further building the digital aspect to ensure scalability and provide clients with modern digital-first services to ensure their operating models remain productive and economically viable. Over the next three years, the COO and CEO of the Company will together create a powerful global leadership team.

The firm, which has its headquarters in Australia, has witnessed steady year-over-year growth. Its client base has expanded and its team has grown three-fold in the past three years.

Jarrod McGrath, CEO, Smart WFM, founded the Company about five years ago. He believes it is the Company’s ability to self-fund, maintain single ownership, and adhere to its people-first approach to HCM consultancy, that is responsible for its growth.

The plans to expand in India and the US will also enable Smart WFM to provide consistent services to small businesses and multinationals, even while allowing follow-the-sun service and support to its clients worldwide. The Company will also bring specific skillsets from those markets to bear for other markets. “In the US for example, productivity is very high – particularly in the retail sector,” adds McGrath. “We can leverage the insights that drive that productivity into other markets like Australia, where productivity is waning.”

The business has increased its revenue with a CAGR of more than 67 per cent and tripled its team and client base in the past three years. Smart WFM works with a range of public sector, global and ASX 100 companies, including leading healthcare and retail organisations.

The firm is preparing to launch a skills development academy for its team, customers and partners, which will focus on ‘maximising people value’, as outlined in McGrath’s recently launched book: The Digital Workforce 2nd Edition. The academy will focus on the ways in which people, technology and the operating environment can be used to make HCM projects more beneficial within organisations even while driving economic growth through people.

As McGrath points out, in order to “attract, retain, and build long-term relationships with the modern workforce,” companies “need to understand people’s passions and put them at the centre of the companies’ ethos.”

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