Strike to shut down London’s Tube on 4 & 6 Oct.

London Underground station employees are protesting against job loss and poor work conditions


Thousands of station employees working for London Undergound are planning to walk out on 4 and 6 October 2023, in protest against the poor work conditions and more than 600 jobs being cut. This will bring London’s tube service to a halt, as over 3,500 workers are set to participate in the walkout.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union have been expressing their disappointment at the job cuts being resorted to as a cost-cutting measure. The union members have been trying to highlight how these job cuts will hardly result in cost savings, but will cause immense inconvenience to passengers due to stations being understaffed. The shortage of staff will lead to safety of passengers being compromised as there may be staff members handling immense workload all alone.

The union has also been seeking intervention to address the rising workloads and increased exhaustion and stress being faced by the employees, which again may put passengers at risk.

Through this strike, the tube service will be suspended and the protestors hope that the authorities will wake up to their concerns and take necessary action.

It is hoped that the strike call will urge the mayor to meet the protestors, engage with them and discuss the issues.

Employees feel their salaries are inadequate considering the rising cost of living. However, the rail industry is in no position to raise their salaries because it is facing low finances. During the pandemic, its finances dwindles and now it having to resort to reducing headcount in order to save money.

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