Taco Bell starts its own business school for employees

As per the Company, this is the first time ever that any company has come up with such an initiative in this space


Taco Bell, the American fast-food chain has introduced its own Taco Bell Business School in partnership with the University of Louisville. With this initiative, the Company is trying to upskill its own employees, training them to manage restaurants and equipping them with the relevant knowledge required to become franchise owners at some point in their career.

The Company will be training and skilling certain selected higher-level managers who have interest in business leadership and ownership skills.

As per Mark King, CEO, Taco Bell, people who join straight out of high school and get promoted to become senior-level managers do not get the opportunity to own a franchise chain because it generally requires funds to start one’s own franchise in today’s time. However, with this initiative, the Company wants to create a path for its managers to become franchise owners one day.

Initially, the Taco Bell Business School will start with a six-month boot camp course, which will equip people with skills and knowledge of everything from business leadership to HR.

As per the Company, an initiative such as this is a first in its sector. The pandemic had made life very difficult for workers, especially hourly workers in stores and food outlets. This initiative by Taco Bell will ensure that employees stick around longer. It is hoped that the move will work as an incentive for those who have borne the brunt of the pandemic, especially youngsters.

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