These companies are hiring employees laid off by Tesla

Apple, Amazon and Rivian are some of the top employers who are hiring those employees who were asked to leave by Tesla


Since Tesla has been downsizing its workforce, other companies in similar domains have been keen to hire these laid off employees. As per a data released by Punks & Pinstripes, as of now 457 ex-Tesla employees — laid off during the last two months— have joined various companies. Some of the employers who have hired former Tesla talent are Rivian, an electric vehicle maker, Apple and Amazon.

Punks & Pinstripes has managed to curate these movements from Linkedin data.

Around 18 companies have absorbed close to 457 employees of Tesla. Reports reveal that till date, Tesla has seen two rounds of mass layoffs, one where about 500 employees were fired and another much recent round, where the Company showed the exit door to 200 employees in the US.

These movements are captured up to 30 June, 2022.

It has been observed that Rivian tops the list when it comes to hiring former Tesla employees. The Company has recruited 56 ex-employees of Tesla employees till date, while another EV maker, Lucid Motors has absorbed about 34.

In total, the direct rivals of Tesla have hired about 90 former Tesla employees. The second largest employer of ex-Tesla employees is Apple, which absorbed 51 employees laid off from Tesla. Apple has been known to poach employees from Tesla. In the past, it had hired Christopher Moore, who was then director, autopilot software, at Tesla.

Amazon has also absorbed 51 Tesla employees. In total, more than 100 employees have been taken in by Amazon and Apple alone.

Other known brands who have hired in double figures from this laid off pool of talent are Google, with 29 employees, Meta with 25 employees and Microsoft with 23.

Boeing and McKinsey & Company are some of the other top brands that have hired ex-Tesla talent. Ford and GM have also hired some former staff members of Tesla, although in small numbers.

In the industry, it is a known fact that Tesla has a very high bar when it comes to hiring talent. The Company goes for a candidate’s zeal to work for an organisation such as Tesla. Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla has been known to set high standards when it comes to achieving goals.

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