Two women sue Musk’s Twitter for discriminatory layoffs

Both the employees claim Musk laid off more women than men; that is 57% of women were let go compared to 47% men


Pointing out the abrupt and disproportionate mass layoff, two women who lost their jobs after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, are suing the social-media company. Both have claimed that the Company has unreasonably targeted women employees.

The lawsuit filed in the San Francisco Federal Court claims that Musk laid off 57 per cent of women employees compared to 47 per cent of the men in the workforce. Reportedly, the difference is even greater when it comes to women’s roles in the engineering department. About 63 per cent of the women in the workforce were laid off compared to 48 per cent of men in engineering roles.

The platform (Twitter) and Musk are still to respond to this latest lawsuit.

If sources are to be believed, three Twitter employees have filed a complaint against the platform with the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) in the US. Furthermore, there was also a temporary injunction claim coming from one of the senior-level employees at Twitter last month.

Sinead McSweeney, Twitter’s global vice-president for public policy, has approached an Irish court seeking help in preventing her termination by Elon Musk, reports the Irish Times. Although she said that she had not resigned, she claimed that she has subsequently been treated differently by other Twitter employees.

In November, Musk let go of close to 3,800 regular staff, along with thousands more contract workers. At his “very intense” work call later, hundreds more from the Twitter workforce had quit. Additionally, he also shut down his office in Brussels in the European Union (EU), which was focused on the European Union digital policy, working in close proximity with the European Commission.

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