‘WFH only for exceptional staff’: Musk to Twitter employees

The CEO of Tesla did not really confirm whether he will go ahead with the acquisition of Twitter, but indicated that those who have contributed significantly to the Company need not worry about being laid off


The much publicised virtual meeting wherein Elon Musk, CEO, addressed the employees of Twitter, took place on 16 June, 2022. During the meeting, Musk indicated that only exceptional performers may be allowed to work from home.

Presently, employees at Twitter have the freedom to work from home or office, as and when they choose. On earlier occasions, Musk had thought this level of flexibility at Twitter to be overly generous. At Tesla, he has already told employees that they should return to office full time or be prepared to quit.

Musk, however, made it clear to Twitter staff that he preferred employees to return to office, and that an exception may be made in case of employees who are extraordinarily good.

Without actually confirming whether he would go through with the deal of acquiring Twitter, he responded to various questions from employees.

On the issue of layoffs, Musk indicated that the Company did need to set right its financial condition and make it ‘healthy’ — which would require some rationalisation in terms of costs and headcount — but also stated that those who have been performing well and contributing significantly need not worry.

In other words, while taking the necessary steps to rectify the current financial situation, wherein costs are more than the revenue, the productive employees will not be affected in any way.

He expressed his desire to increase the number of Twitter users from 229 million to a minimum of one billion.

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