White House allows flexibility to federal contractors to enforce vaccination

The White House has issued fresh details on November 1 pertaining to implementation of rules.


On November 1, the White House released new guidance allowing federal contractors flexibility in implementing vaccination requirements for their workforces.

Most federal contractors will be given the liberty to enforce the vaccination requirements on their employees who refuse to get vaccinated, in whatever manner they wish. Organisations will be free to determine how they wish to implement the vaccine mandate.

These guidelines for contractors are more strict than the ones set to be released for businesses employing 100 or more workers, that will be allowed to test the employees regularly in case they refuse to get vaccinated.

On September 9, President Biden had issued an executive order that mandated federal contractors to ensure their employees were vaccinated against COVID-19 and strictly adhered to the masking and social distancing rules. A deadline of December 8 had been set for contractors to implement these requirements.

However, when more details were requested for by the contractors, the fresh guidance was issued on November 1.

It has been clarified that Dec. 8 was not a rigid deadline for contractors. However, contractors will have to prove that they are making the required effort to ensure their workforces are getting their jabs and have policies in place for masking and social distancing at work.

Moreover, federal contractors will not be required to produce proof of vaccination rates on or before December 8. However, if they fail to comply they risk losing a contract. Federal agencies are free to prohibit a contractor employee from entering the workplace for refusing vaccination.

Simply put, most individuals who are not fully vaccinated will have to adhere to the masking, social distancing, and testing protocols.

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