Why are Amazon employees resigning?

They are unhappy with the e-commerce company putting an end to remote work


In the second week of August 2023, Amazon employees in the US received a mail asking them to work from the office three days a week. The company kind of questioned the employees as to why they were not complying with the work-from-office mandate. With this mail being sent to all employees, including those who were actually complying with the thrice-a-week in office mandate, there was a lot of disgruntlement. And now, media reports say that many employees are putting in their papers. This doesn’t really come as a surprise because in addition to the thrice-a-week-in office rule, some employees were also told to relocate, and move to a central hub, so that they could be closer to their teams. All of this has clearly become too much for employees to handle, which is why they are preferring to quit.

Some employees have reportedly told CNBC that they would rather leave the job than face the inconvenience of relocating, and that too when the employees — some of whom were hired for remote jobs —were told that their contracts would not change post the return-to-office order.

Relocation means having to face many challenges such as renting an accommodation, putting up with higher rents and even cost of living as many cities are more expensive. There have been no talks regarding pay hikes. Additionally, there is the uncertainty regarding the jobs themselves with layoffs happening across organisations, globally.

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