Yahoo Japan announces WFA; employees can fly to work if required

A budget of $1300 has been allotted per employee every month for travelling


Come April 2022 and all 8000 Yahoo Japan employees will be allowed to work from anywhere. As per the complete work-from-anywhere policy, employees in Japan will not have to come to office for work, and can work from any city in Japan.

Additionally, the Company has also decided that if the job so demands, employees can take a flight and come to the office. To meet such travel expenses, the Company has allotted a monthly travel budget, which is capped at $1300 per employee.

This is a rather bold step taken by the Company at a time when the world is battling the third wave of COVID 19. In a tweet, Kentaro Kawabe, president, Yahoo Japan, admits that employees have been equally productive working from home and that there has been no impact on their performance.

“As a result of dialogues with employees and various surveys, 90 per cent of the employees said that their work performance did not change or improve,” revealed Kawabe, and therefore, the Company decided to further liberalise the workplace.

Earlier, the employees enjoyed some flexibility in terms of commuting to the office, but the number of days of work from home was capped at five per month. However, now, keeping the employee wellbeing in mind, the Company has decided to introduce the work from anywhere policy. Also, without disturbing the benefits of an office workspace, budget has been allotted to enable employees to fly to the workplace, should the need arise.

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