Google implements three-day office attendance mandate in crackdown

Allegedly, Google is urging remote workers to reconsider their work arrangement and explore a hybrid mode of work


Google’s recent implementation of stricter attendance policies for in-office work has sparked concerns among employees. The tech giant has updated its hybrid work policy, introducing measures to track office attendance using badges and ensure regular in-person presence. Employees failing to comply with the new policy may face consequences.

In a communication from Fiona Cicconi, chief people officer, Google, employees were urged to prioritise in-person collaboration, emphasising the irreplaceable value of working together in the same physical space. The email highlighted the positive impact of teams working side by side in the successful development of recent Google products.

Under the revised policy, attendance for a minimum of three days per week will be monitored and considered in performance reviews. Teams have been instructed to remind inconsistent employees about the requirement for in-office presence. Remote workers living near Google offices are encouraged to reconsider their work arrangements to maintain stronger connections with the company.

While Google’s intention behind these measures is to bring employees back to physical offices, concerns have been raised. In 2021, tech companies faced employee resistance when attempting to reintroduce in-person work. Some employees questioned the necessity, particularly given Google’s record profits during the pandemic. Initially, Google allowed 20% of its workforce to telecommute, but since April 2022, employees have been mandated to be physically present at least three days a week.

These new policies reflect the competitive landscape in the AI technology market, with Google facing increasing competition from ChatGPT, supported by Microsoft. The company aims to address internal leaks and reduce its real estate footprint while reinforcing the importance of in-person collaboration.

As these measures are implemented, employees are grappling with the need to adapt their work arrangements to comply with the new policies. The focus on in-person collaboration and office attendance underscores Google’s commitment to fostering an environment that values face-to-face interaction and teamwork. However, employee concerns about work-life balance, commuting, and the benefits of remote work remain at the forefront of the discussion.

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